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Explore the possibilities with an ARGOCAT 6x6 or 8x8 Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle. Argo Logo

LINK: ARGOCAT EXTRA SITE Our site with the latest news and photos of the ARGOCAT model range.

Amphibious ARGOCAT vehicles have been manufactured in Canada by Ontario Drive and Gear since 1967 and imported into the UK since the early 1970's. Walsh & Co Specialist Vehicles Ltd hold a comprehensive stock of PARTS and accessories for the complete ARGOCAT range of 6x6 and 8x8 all terrain vehicles. We offer the keenest price on new UK specification ARGO and offer the most varied of used Argo stock..

New for 2017 on all models : chassis preservation with Bonderite M-PP 930 epoxy-acyrlic autodeposition coating

2018 Model Year : Avenger STi and STRi 8x8 models fitted as standard with extra super duty forged 1 3/8" diameter axles and reversible 25" wheel rims. Avenger STRi fitted with reversible Beadlock alloy wheels with run flat capability, heavy duty drive belt and forced air induction brake cooling system..

8x8 Frontier 750 EFI 2018 model twin cylinder fuel injected 23 hp Kohler Command engine, smooth, powerful and economical with proven Argo reliability and UK support, new super duty forged 1 3/8" diameter axles and reversible 24" steel rims.

Walsh & Co (Specialist Vehicles) Ltd based on the Shropshire/Wales Border support Argocat vehicles throughout the UK.

PARTS - despatched daily from our extensive spares stock - ring us on 01686 413151. CLICK HERE FOR EMAIL LINK

SERVICE Midlands/Wales/South West 01686 413151. Yorkshire/Northumberland/Cumbria Hethersgill ATV 01228 675969. Other areas please ring 01686 413151

Walsh & Co Ltd own service base is here on the Shropshire/Wales Border one hour from the M54 motorway and 1.5hrs from the M4 motorway. Collection and delivery service throughout the UK.

HIRE ARGOCAT 8x8 wheeled and tracked to CE specification with ROPS and safety belts for various commercial applications. Delivery and collection anywhere UK. Argocat induction familiarisation available. Please contact us for further details.

ARGOCAT FAMILIARISATION - Walsh & Co Ltd offer full driver and basic maintenance training for users / operators. Our courses are designed to equip drivers with the necessary information to operate the Argo in varied terrain conditions and to ensure it's safety and mechanical suitability for the work envisaged. Please contact us for full details.

The versatility of the ARGO is demonstrated by the most varied list of users in the fields of Fire and Rescue, Nature conservation, Forestry, Estate management, Farming, Spraying contractors, Oil pollution control and Beach cleaning, Hydro electricity, Construction and Mining industries, Exploration and Survey companies, Marina operators, Snow sports, Corporate Entertainment, Safari Parks, Leisure and Theme Parks and Disabled and elderly people.

ARGO amphibious vehicles confidently travel across sand, deep snow, mud, ice, streams and small lakes.

ARGO easily conquers rough terrain and dense vegetation even when these conditions prohibit other vehicles.

Avenger hdi full cab

ARGOCAT AVENGER 8x8 - Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), electric winch, full hood, windscreen and wiper.

ARGO is designed for the job. Its tough ladder frame chassis is designed to flex, helping it handle the roughest terrain. The body shell is moulded in molecular memory high-density polythylene, so that it will not rust or tarnish and can take the hardest knocks.

ARGOis simple to operate with few moving parts.

ARGO meets current CE specification and the rollframe/cage is ROPS tested.

ARGO is capable of up to 20mph maximum speed and by fitment of a basic lighting package complies to UK legislation for registration for "agricultural" and "limited-use" road use.

Argo Snow Plough

Versatility ! ARGO 8x8 fitted with full hood, ROPS, winch and snow plough.

ARGO is designed for minimal routine maintenance. The engines are chosen for their power, reliability and economy of use. ARGO engines include Briggs & Stratton four cycle air-cooled unleaded petrol(2 YEAR WARRANTY) and KOHLER liquid-cooled petrol engines (3 year warranty). ARGO provides an incredible 40bhp per ton fully laden capability, which makes ARGO an unstoppable machine under almost any gradient and surface conditions. Engine power is transmitted through an infinitely variable ratio torque converter into a High/Low range of transmission and differential assembly.

Response Red Tracks

ARGOCAT Avengers fitted with track system, ROPS, electric winch and half cab.

ARGO go-anywhere capability is matched by an amazingly low ground pressure of 2.1lb per square inch and fitted with 18" wide RUBBER TRACK SYSTEM down to a remarkable 0.67 lbs per square inch. This helps reduce ground damage with minimal soil compaction, even when it's fully loaded with up to six people or 1,000lbs (500kg) of cargo.

Argo Float

ARGO amphibians doing what comes naturally !

ARGO floats. Through its web pattern tyres it achieves up to 2mph in water. Where strong water flow demands, an outboard motor up to 9.9hp can be fitted.

No other vehicle in its class satisifies so many needs!

LINK: ARGOCAT EXTRA SITE Our site with the latest news and photos of the ARGOCAT model range.

For a demonstration and further information please contact your authorised dealer :

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